The main thread of this year’s Enter!Digital is GAMIFICATION, considering the latest evolving trend in international (digital) marketing. The last decade supported the establishment of social media, thus connections. This social network has no purpose by itself if people aren’t driven to use it, and „liking” for instance will lose motivational power after a while. Especially in brand-communication. Accordingly, the upcoming decade’s most determining trend will be GAMIFICATION. This means, the motivational methods known from gaming industry that were tested and developed to perfection will be adopted to other areas of life, crucially affecting marketing.

Examining this progress Enter!Digital 2011 is focusing on the keywords GAMING, MOTIVATION, INVOLVEMENT and INFLUENCE. Gaming is applied in a broad range – also in sense and form – by marketing and media: online gaming, videogaming, RPG (role playing game), gambling, game theory, sweepstakes, ARG (alternate reality game), flash games, etc., topics that typically appear in the digital space.

Hungarian and international experts will present functional examples, ideas for the audience to show an extensive image about these subjects. Also, digital installations are exhibited on the spot.

Venue: Larus Event Center (

Organization and program: Neo Interactive digital agency (

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